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Memorial Cleaning Service

Use the slider to view before and after of the cleaning of this memorial.

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Natural stone is the most beautiful of materials when properly maintained. However the passing of time, local conditions and the weather can have an adverse effect on the appearance of your loved one's memorial.

We provide a full cleaning and renovation service to return your loved ones memorial to its former glory, as you can see by the example's on this page (you can use the slider on the image to see a before and after). Often we can make a very weathered memorial look as good as new and re-fix it to fully comply with modern standards for installation of memorials, thus ensuring that any future outlay on maintanence is kept to a minimum.

If a memorial is likely to prove uneconomical to repair we will advise you of this and will offer guidance on replacement with either an identical monument or a lower maintenance alternative. Though we must stress thats it's incredibly rare that a memorial would ever need replacing.

Please speak to a member of our team to arrange a free, no obligation survey, by an experienced mason to assess the cost of renovationg your family's memorials.

Annual Memorial Cleaning

We offer a full annual cleaning service to keep your loved one's memorial in excellent condition.

The depicted picture here we have been cleaning every 6 months for over 15 years now. Every May we give the memorial a light clean and tidy up the edging and chippings. And every December we clean up the fallen leaves from the grave interior, a light clean and place two wreaths on the grave.

The above memorial is lightly cleaned every 6 months.


Safety Inspection

As NAMM and BRAMM trained member's we are able to conduct safety surveys testing a memorials structural integrity.

Many burial authorities have contracted us to test the memorial's in their grounds. We provide a bespoke quote and will discuss with you which way you would like us to leave a memorial that's fixings have failed. Some authorities prefer us to lay the memorial down and some prefer us to stake and tape a memorial leaving it secure with a stake driven in behind the memorial and then band the memorial to the stake and finish it with high visibility tape.

We have the skill's and tools to deliver a complete custom package tailored to your requirements and will deliver a full quote to provide a NAMM approved fix to each failed memorial that will then be backed by our 10 year guarantee.